Visualizations and Dashboards

Our Digital Report And Tool helps you to explore and visualize your data. we are able to handle peta-byte of data in scale.. Its also help your data analyst to deep-dive into the data and analysis it. The dashboards are composed of variety of charts, location map, time-series and more.


Agile Delivery & Cost-Effective Solutions

Our MVP/MTP approach helps our software teams to deliver the cost-effective, highly scalable, available and Zero defect products to our customers,

We can provides container orchestration solutions with variety of cloud kubernetes plaforms. This includes KOPS, Rancher, AKS, AWS and GKE.

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Why Choose Us


Growing Your Business

Our Digital Solutions, Visualisations and Dashboards helps you to monitor and recommends appropriate action to improve and gets more business into your business.

Cost-Effective solutions

We can provide solutions within your budget and support to our customer and their business growth.

Best Quality

Our QA process, development process or any non-technical process which keeps the Maturity level of your product. We build your product with multiple level of processes. such as Disciplined, Standard consistent, Predictable, Continously improving and Optimizing processes.

On-Time Delivery

We never missed our deliveres and We would like keep that commitment and strict with our delivery process. Delivering the customer product always On-Time..

Always Close to Our Customer

Our people always be in touch with our customers on regular basis to make sure that we accomplished your business needs.

Agility Support

Our agility IT supporting teams are always available(24/7 & 365 days) to answer all your queries in very friendly manner, and we are very flexible and do the on-time delivery to our customers.

More About Us

We Offer High-quality and Cost-Effective Solutions

We can provides Agile based zero defect, cost-effective and hightly scalable, elastice and high-performant solutions.

Security Surveillance System

Using our Surveillance system, you can monitor several indoor and outdoor activities this can support for security and other investigations members to analyse and improve their services to protect their people, and environments. This includes buildings, retails, malls and other highly-valuable assets. Our system capture the motion and send the alert notification into respective people immediately to take further action.

Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions - Apache Hadoop, Flink, HBase, Storm, Kafka & HDFS.
We can provide a concrete solutions to handle and move the GB to Petabyte of datas from on-premises to cloud and vice versa. We have helped our clients to build and run their system with highly-scalable, available and high performance applications. We also helped our client applications/microservices to meet the low-latency response of the services.

Headless CMS & CMS Solutions

We are running and providing support & maintenance to Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and Ruby on Rails websites, mobilesites and native applications. We also deliver the headless CMS using Strapi CMS, which leads to open-source headless CMS. We have integrated the headless CMS with NextJS(UI) front-end applications. The NextJS is a hybrid static and server rendering, Typescript support, smart bundling, route pre-fetching, and it gives us best experience with all the features our customer need for their environments.

Cloud Automations (AWS, GCP & Azure)

Infrastructure provisioning, configuration and automations - Terraform, Terragrunt, Ansible, CloudFormation.
We are running our clients workloads in the public and private clouds including AWS, GCP and Azure. We have completely automated the cloud infrastructure provisioning which has the key feature of the cloud computing model and our clients to get the cloud services and resources from AWS or GCP or Azure and Private Clouds.

Docker & Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes - AWS ECS & EKS, GKE & AKS.
We have built and delivered more than 220+ microservices containerized workloads and deployed into Kubernetes platform. Kubernetes orchestrates computing, networking and storage to provide a seamless portability across infrastructure providers.

CI/CD Pipelines

CI/CD pipelines - Jenkins (X), Travis CI, Circle CI, GitLab, Bamboo, Spinnaker, ArgoCD & Tekton.
We have successfully delivered the CI/CD pipelines to many of our clients. Most of our clients are currently running their CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins. We have integrated Jenkins with Github, GitLab, BitBucket, Unfuddle and other Source repositories(SVN, Circle CI, Travis CI, & TeamCity). Our jenkins pipelines pull the docker images from private and public cloud registries including AWS ECR, GCR and Docker Hub. We deployed more than 300+ microservices and containerized workloads using Jenkins, HELM, Spinnaker, Tekton and ArgoCD.

IoT & IIoT Solutions

IoT(Internet of Things) & IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).
We can support and provide the solutions to variety of domains and industries. Specifically Asset Tracking solutions. We have built the IoT PoC using Blue-tooth, LPWAN and 2G/3G/4G/5G and LTE. Our clients can collect the data and send this to the cloud services and monitor the assets using our visualizations and dashboards. Our dashboards are a collection of different visualizations this includes Pie/Bar Charts, Heat Map, Maps and querying & filtering the results data.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Visualizations & Dashboards - Kibana, D3, Apache Superset, VueJS.
We have gathered the large amounts of data from variety of domains and made it available to view and query it. During the pandemic times, Our dashboards and visualizations supported our clients to view their Covid-19 reports this covered the Covid-19 hotspots or administrated vaccines by location, gender and ethinicity.

A Dashboard is a collection of data visualizations that analyzes, metrics and tracks the data. With dashboards, you can view the data through one or more data views.

Monitoring, Logging, Tracing and Metrics Solutions

We are providing soutions to cloud-native services using popular tools for our client projects this includes Prometheus, Datadog, Grafana, Splunk, CloudWatch, Jaeger and Kiali.
For Kubernetes workloads, we are using Prometheus and Grafana together. Grafana is very often used in combination with Prometheus to visualize metrics provided from Kubernetes endpoints.
We have provided the logging and tracing solutions for our clients using 2 cloud-native Thisis focused on popular logging stacks are the Elasticsearch, Fluentd/FluentBit and Kibana (EFK) stack and the Promtail, Loki, and Grafana (PLG) stack.

Our e-Commerce clients

We are expertised to deliver your e-Commerce web and mobile site for your business. Our customers are selling their projects using open-source e-Commerce application such as Magento, Prestashop and in-built applications.

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Our Recent Solutions

We provided the solutions to migrate the microservices container workloads into Kubernetes cluster.Also, analysis the data and size and keep it into right place to store the data. i.e Store the data in in the HBase or HDFS/S3 or RDBMS.